Vladislav Glinskiy

My motivation is people. A satisfied client is the very measure of the success of my work. When a client comes back again and brings his friends or acquaintances, that means I have done an excellent job.

Vladislav Glinskiy

My passion for real estate and my desire to help people find the perfect place to live was the foundation of my decision to become a real estate agent. I believe that a home is more than just walls, it is a place to live happily and create memories. My priority has always been to understand my clients’ needs and find solutions that perfectly fit their expectations and budget. I value honesty and transparency in my work, and my market knowledge and negotiation skills allow me to protect my clients’ interests and deliver the best possible results. My goal is not just to close deals, but to improve people’s lives by helping them realize their dreams of homeownership. Hundreds of people have happily moved into their dream homes and I have unknowingly become a part of their lives by helping them, providing honest and impartial advice, reassurance and inspiration. To this day, I continue to connect with my clients, not only for work, but I have become a friend to them.

6 let Experience working with property owners in the Czech Republic
451 domů Have found tenants or buyers thanks to our help
4M euro Total income of owners during the period of cooperation with us

How it works

Why choose Prestige Group?

Dear property buyers, we are here to make the process of buying, selling or renting a property easier for you. With in-depth market knowledge and a personal touch, we will provide you with a professional service that will exceed your expectations.

Expert market knowledge: Our brokers are well informed about the current state of the market and will give you the best advice possible.

Personal touch: We understand your needs and will recommend properties that match your requirements.

Transparency and trust.

Trend tracking: we constantly monitor the market to offer you up-to-date and relevant information.

Contact us today and let us be your guide through this important life event.

As part of our approach to customer care, we emphasize:

Listening and understanding: we make a genuine effort to listen to our customers’ needs and understand their situation.

Personal attention.

Regular communication: we keep open communication and provide regular updates.

Transparency: Customers have access to all information and are kept informed of the progress of the matter.

Professionalism and reliability: We provide a quality service with an emphasis on reliability and efficiency.

Ongoing support: even after the transaction is completed, we are available to address any questions or problems.

The main strengths of our company include:

Expertise and experience: our real estate agents have extensive market knowledge and years of experience in the real estate industry. We are well versed in current trends and price ranges in the real estate market.

Personalized approach. We focus on understanding their specific needs and preferences in order to offer them the ideal property.

Openness and trust: Our communication is based on transparency and building trust. We provide clients with all relevant information about the property and the transaction process.

Professionalism and reliability.

Extensive network of contacts: we have a wide network of contacts in the real estate industry, which allows us to efficiently search and offer the best options for our clients.

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