How to prepare your property for sale?

First of all, it is worth putting the house in order: cleaning the floor, washing the windows and, in general, doing an overall cleanup. If there is a large amount of furniture in an apartment or house, it is better to remove it, which will help to visually increase the space. Personal belongings, photographs, clothes, accessories, souvenirs must be removed or prepared for transportation. Do not leave dishes in the washbasin, and personal hygiene items in the bathroom and toilet. Everywhere should be clean and tidy. As for repairs, only if it is required, the main thing is to create a positive impression on the potential buyer. To spend money on major repairs and include it in the price of the real estate being sold – in 99% of cases is folly. A few “cosmetic” repairs will do just fine , which will eliminate obvious shortcomings and will not overestimate the cost of the object.

Prepare all paperwork. The longer you collect the necessary information and spend time in every possible way, the more likely it is that the client will change their mind and completely abandon the deal. Therefore, the timely availability of all the necessary documentation will significantly reduce the sale time.

The main things a buyer pays attention to when viewing a property.

As a rule, the first thing buyers pay attention to is the quality of the repairs done in the apartment. Even if this repair is cosmetic and minor. An apartment in which the walls have recently been painted looks more attractive to buyers. They also check the technical condition of devices and the structure in order to avoid large expenses for their renewal in the future.

Another important aspect that a buyer might ask about is neighbors. After all, living even in the best property, located in an ideal location, can become uncomfortable if noisy or dysfunctional neighbors live nearby. The state of the district’s infrastructure, the availability of parking lots near the house and the accessibility to the center are also of interest to potential clients.

What is the most interesting – visually and technically for a property buyer?

As mentioned above, it is is the quality of the renovation. And for this, buyers, usually, bring in specialists who assess the technical condition of the object. Whether the apartment has been redeveloped is a very important point. You can find out by comparing the technical documentation for the real estate (technical passport) with the existing state of the object. If the redevelopment is carried out, but not legalized, the buyer will assess the possible consequences of buying such a property. For example, when selling a house, redevelopment can become an obstacle for the buyer if they want to use a loan to finance it.

So, what should you do first before selling?

• Tidy up the appearance of housing.

• Renew the interior.

• Get rid of personal belongings and unnecessary decor.

• Add lights.

• Prepare documentation.It is better for property owners to be absent from the property during the viewing. This is in the interests of the owners themselves, who often do not have experience in negotiations and have practically not been involved in the purchase and sale of real estate in their lives. Since the buyer may be more skillful in these matters, the owner runs the risk of agreeing to less favorable terms of sale for himself, trying to communicate with the buyer on his own. Therefore, it is best to trust an experienced realtor, whose task at the show is to answer all the questions of a potential buyer and give him the opportunity to make a good deal on an offer.


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Vladislav Glinskij

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22 March 2023

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