Prestige Group

Our approach

Our team consists of nine professionals in the real estate market in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the team’s experience, we provide the best services in the areas of rental, sales, administration, and financing. We have over 50 managed apartments and over 120 satisfied clients in our portfolio every year.

We are proud to have changed the idea of real estate services and you no longer have to worry about fraud, negligence, and problems with tenants.

We always inform you about all changes and involve new technologies and sales methods. Thanks to high-quality presentations of objects and a large volume of servers, we gain the largest number of applicants.

  • We will provide repair services, cleaning
  • Solving any problems concerining the property
  • Guiding the process of moving in and moving out
  • Commucation with the housing council
  • Maintenance and recalculation of utility payments
  • Selection and management of tenants

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