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Our approach to financing

All you have to do is make an appointment and you have everything under control. Our financial consultants will provide you with the most favourable credit conditions. Instead of a paper form, get rid of this heavy burden by giving your financial work to a highly skilled manager.  Just a few people know that after receiving an offer from a bank, you have a short time to change your mind. This will not happen with a financial advisor.

He will advise you on taxes, finding your own funds (for the first instalment), minimising risks when accepting other people’s money, etc. You won’t get such advice in a bank.

A financial consultant receives payment for his work from a financial institution. And it won’t cost you anything!

  • We will provide repair services, cleaning
  • Solving any problems concerining the property
  • Guiding the process of moving in and moving out
  • Commucation with the housing council
  • Maintenance and recalculation of utility payments
  • Selection and management of tenants

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