Benefits of working with a financial advisor.

We talk about the benefits of cooperation with a specialist and what you will get at the same time.

1.Expansion of opportunities and availability of options to choose from. 

Imagine that you are going to take out a loan. What is your first thought? Of course, go to the bank where you already have an account. From your point of view, this is an obvious and correct step. They know you there and will help you. And now you are already at a meeting at the bank, discussing the terms, thinking about them a little and signing the contract. But everything is not so cloudless, because you just “bought” the first offer that came across! And even in such a serious segment. Even when buying shoes, we usually visit several stores and eventually manage to try on at least three pairs. Why do we behave so frivolously when it comes to financial products? 

2.Saving time. 

You are an adult, educated and self-confident person, so you decide to delve into financial issues yourself. And you start visiting Czech banks, only in Prague there are more than 15 of them. At the same time, you work, do business, or study, and as a result, you have enough time to visit only one bank a week. It turns out that in order to visit all banks, you need at least 15 weeks. After that, you think over the information received, structure it, conduct a comparative analysis, consult with family, friends and colleagues – this is a few more weeks. And finally, you have made your choice, come to the bank, and there the conditions have already changed or the requirements for obtaining a loan that are not obvious at first glance have surfaced. As a result, either your painstaking analysis is already “outdated”, or you have not taken into account the most important factors that affect the conditions (percentage, term, etc.). In this case, you need to return to the starting point again and go through the path again. 


Here is about the other side of the time factor. You have selected a product, a bank and start the process. You need to collect certificates, which also have their own deadline, find an appraiser, make a direct assessment of real estate, collect and provide documents for the selected object, coordinate with each other a banker, appraiser, broker, property owner, their communication and much more. And if there is a failure on some subject object? We have to take on this role and start over again. Why not entrust it to people who will do everything much faster? They have an automated process, a qualified team, within which all the above-mentioned functions are distributed, they know the specifics of working with each subject of the process. They receive more than 10 credits a month for their clients and they have everything worked out. Take off this heavy burden by giving financial work to specially trained people, and instead spend time with your family, children or your beloved dog. 

4.Risk reduction. 

To begin with, you will not get into bank and non-bank registers. Often a person does not understand what this means and what consequences it entails. But when you go to the bank, all meetings are recorded. This is the rule of banks and there is nothing to be done about it. And if you are denied a loan by any of the parameters, this refusal is automatically sent to a special register. And all banks see it. One refusal can still be handled somehow. But if there are already 2 or more, then, unfortunately, for 4 years your right to receive a loan is likely to be “frozen” even for the minimum amount. 

In addition, you risk being sanctioned if you suddenly change your mind. Not many people know that after receiving an offer from a bank, you have a short time to change your mind. This will not happen with a financial advisor. 

5.Getting valuable advice that a banker won’t give you. 

As a rule, having been refused a loan, people live with it further. Soon they may try again or no longer do it at all, thereby abandoning their plans. But very often the reason for failure is formal details, technical errors that can be corrected. A competent consultant will help you with the analysis of your finances and explain how to properly prepare for a mortgage. He will give advice on taxation, on finding his own funds (for the first payment), on minimizing risks when receiving other people’s money, etc. You won’t get these tips at the bank. 

6.It’s free. 

A financial consultant receives payment for his work from a financial institution. And it won’t cost you anything! Are you still in doubt? 

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Vladislav Glinskij

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25 November 2021

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